Thursday 27 February 2020

Hate hijackers ...but here is a couple of new and old pieces

have been inundated by lots of hijackers using my little blog to spew their own agendas - personally, besides saying, 'piss off' they should find there own blogs and post there.

Have at last got rid of some but if more lurk, as evil lurks, my apologies.
Attached a couple of new, or newish pieces and to fill the silence [cof] a couple of rescanned 'oldies'.

Hope you enjoy:).

This from an old Warhammer is this KONRAD
Along time ago I was working with  Dave Morris project on a Game project which was sadly aborted
here are 3 roughs produced then...

 When I became involved in Martin Noutch's third volume in his 'STEAM HIGHWAYMAN' adventure, it was then some of those ideas began to resurface, not the same, but with a similar Steam Punkish background here are two as samples of what is to come...

Now from that past of mine some old, some newer in no particular order...

 the above you may not have seen it is for one of the stories in Joseph Goodman's latest in his MAGICIANS SKULL series; BOOK #4 yet to be published.

Here below some illustrations dating back to the olden Warhammer days before I was 'dropped'...

 Now for some other bits...first old...

From the 70's and ANDURIL 6....

the back cover...

Now for some other bits ...First from a FOLIO based on the work of M.R. JAMES created with Rosemary Pardoe.

Then some other bits...
 This below from the very early '70s...
 Herewith an Arabian theme but not from all the same books or articles ..

The lettering was imaginary if it is somehow 'real' my apologies...

'Decorative' doodle pages for a MARTIN GOOCH film
Finally a couple of bits of 'silly...

So after a long soujorn in the blogging wilderness I hope you enjoy...

Thursday 25 July 2019

Another of those showing some new and some old, but with a wee twist so to speak

The Undine

Here are a few bits and pieces, some you may know, some you may not know, and I hope you'll find a couple of surprises. The key point being, although in no particular order 90% are copies from the original sized artworks. Hope you enjoy.

For a Rosemary Pardoe Ghost Tale.

From FF 'Plague of the Undead'

Sketching ideas related to 'Heart of Harkun'

Pencil 'try out' for the key heroes of 'Heart of Harkun'

Watercolour and ink llustration from Adventures of Goldhawk series.

Doctor Who - unfinished study

Two of the decorative doodle sheets to be used in Film 'Death the Movie'. by Martin Gooch. 

The Chandler's from Bloodsword #2
Brush ink character study for Bunty Comic strip

Close to original drawn size.
Stitch Weaver
Ghost wandering in Garden

JORN the troll
 These last are pretty new and you are seeing them here first. Hope you like the stroll around my mind [grin] till next time! Oh, OK two more but oldies.

Dwarfs last Stand - larger than original art.
Right, that's it must eat [and drink in this heat].