Saturday 31 December 2016

Something from the past

I'll be honest, two things are apparent [for those who haven't noticed ... I cringe]; first, it's been a while since my last post and second, I haven't 'replied' to some comments that were left. My apologies.

To answer the second first ... the option to allow me to respond appears to be 'gone' and I'm not clever enough in that respect to figure out why. Simply know, I have read them all and would always welcome more. Hopefully this time around I can reply to anything left in response to this post ... except Spam [grrrr].

I wrote in 2015 that it had "been a Annus horribilis of a year health wise, and although my arm, my best arm, is still crook I felt it right to do something before year's end and silence the silence." So I started 2016 with higher hopes not realising that it would prove, as far as my health was concerned, an even worse year as it progressed. I'm not going to talk about it as such, suffice to 'say' I'm having treatment and fingers crossed all will be good this Summer coming.

But the treatment has had one side effect, my energy levels are abysmal and I find I can only function for a few hours without wanting to fall asleep [laf], that said, I have been working.

So here are few bits to look at and if any are "repeats", my apologies.

This is my Happy New year to you all...


I expect some you'll recognise, and maybe some you'll not, it's a really medley from the past and the present and I hope you'll enjoy. 

OH, ok, a few more to make up for the 'lost' posts of 2016.

So there it is, from a magazine of old to one brand new, from White Dwarf, with a nod to Durer,  [a true hero of mine] and the ukiyo-e woodblock artists, to the Fabled Lands ... till next year, but don't expect it 'tomorrow'.

But I have one thing to add ... expect more news this Summer, lots in the works health permitting. Cheers!