Friday 25 December 2015

On the first day ...

This has been a Annus horribilis of a year health wise, and although my arm, my best arm, is still crook I felt it right to do something before year's end and silence the silence.

It will be mostly pictures, and mostly old, but at least it's something. Information may be scant but when I have a proper mo' I'll see what I can do. Apologies if some are reprints of reprints.


For Fabled lands 7

Will add final colour map soon.

I think that's it for today, especially after two 'crashes' ... thanks.
Oh, and may I wish you all, no matter your faith, a Very Merry Christmas. I'm off for a drink.

No, it's tea, cheers.

Sunday 19 April 2015

This was going to be my March Hare ...

No idea what happened to, January, nor February and had to planned to post in March, but it hared away ...[cough].

So here is a collection of oldies ...

These were for 'Ghosts and Scholars' Magazine by Rosemary Pardoe and were originally sold as small posters on shiny paper.

These next were seen in the British Fantasy Magazine [and related] in the late 70's.

The original of the badge [above]

Then there was a small fanzine called Fantasy trader which featured a few articles.

Apologies for those dreadful hands...

SO not the post, but wait there is more to come ...