Monday 1 May 2017

May DAY and a promise ..

It's MAY the 1st and I thought it apt, now my internet is working again [laf] to keep a promise. Well, two actually, one to Joe and Paul, and one to myself.

The one to myself is an easy post on a holiday.

The other is Joe and Paul when I told them I'd find some artwork of Wardancers from White Dwarf [I think it's issues 111 & 112] and then finish with a couple of ye olden bits and one new bit.

But lets start with two old pieces, but for which issue I cannot remember ...

Now for some Wardancers, in no particular order in terms of when published.

Finally, a new piece. This is my first draw of a BUGBEAR for a private commission, based on the original traditional description. There are two versions; this is not the cuddly one.
That, that's all folks!