Sunday 10 December 2017

I don't know why but using normal channels I have not been able to access, this my original blog.
Let us hope this works and I can blog here once more.
Front cover

Back cover

So this will do for now to see if posts!
Just in case here's an old Christmas wish too you all!

Monday 1 May 2017

May DAY and a promise ..

It's MAY the 1st and I thought it apt, now my internet is working again [laf] to keep a promise. Well, two actually, one to Joe and Paul, and one to myself.

The one to myself is an easy post on a holiday.

The other is Joe and Paul when I told them I'd find some artwork of Wardancers from White Dwarf [I think it's issues 111 & 112] and then finish with a couple of ye olden bits and one new bit.

But lets start with two old pieces, but for which issue I cannot remember ...

Now for some Wardancers, in no particular order in terms of when published.

Finally, a new piece. This is my first draw of a BUGBEAR for a private commission, based on the original traditional description. There are two versions; this is not the cuddly one.
That, that's all folks!

Wednesday 5 April 2017

As it was someone's birthday [not mine]

 The Soul Keeper ...

As it was someone's birthday [not mine] I thought it appropriate to add a few pictures some old some much newer. First from Tinman Games' version of the Warlock of Firetop Mountain some new art.

Next from different sources

These I've posted before ... and come from the Magazine Anduril 6: Magazine of Fantasy published in the 70's.

Now for some more from Goodman Games ... and others

From The Silver Path by Caitlin Spice's new book.

A couple of personal pieces ...



 For the group BLACKBIRD RAUM and the album FALSE WEAVERS [This can be found on YOUTUBE] if interested.

Plus Map

Finally the picture I redrew showing the Wild Man, originally from The Warlock of ... 

Till the next time, or somebodies birthday ....