Friday 29 October 2010

Emmanuel and his story strip.

Wow, I'm horrified to see how long it's been since my last post, so first, as promised all those weeks ago, I'll be posting the work of Emmanuel [no relation to any illustrator] whom I met at the Monde du Jeu. Not only a long time fan of my work, but as you'll see, one of my illustrations inspired him to create a 'comic' strip [or should I say - a 'storyboard'] of what happened before and after the picture I drew for that Fighting Fantasy Book.

I will follow this post very quickly [cough, cough] with two others.
One will feature some new work and to make up for the long hiatus in posting, the other will be a first for me, a Christmas Competition.

The competition will not be easy, but hopefully the prize will make it worthwhile! It will be open to all of my blog followers only [by the time of posting] and those who have ordered private commissions.  More details during next post. This [the next post] will probably be done during the first full week in November, which is, oh yes, next week and the competition will be posted soon thereafter.

But now back to Emmanuel's lovely work, which I think deserves a wider audience. Even if my original post date was missed [cough, cough!].

 and finally all the panels [as pages] created by Emmanuel.

To finish, a photograph taken at the Monde du Jeu [by Stefan] of myself [careworn and tired and thus all my wrinkles - that's the one seated on the left] and Emmanuel deep in conversation. My lovely partner, and rock, was beside me on that Friday, and in that photograph, but I had to 'crop' her from the picture because if I showed her face I'd have to die! Why do you women act so? Still, on reflection, and thinking of how [sad git] vain I can be... and looking at my mush ....I blame my father.

Till next time, and I promise it will be very soon.