Saturday 17 May 2014


So, what's new I'm late again. Apologies. I was hoping to have some work that was completed last year to show but as it's yet to be published I need to wait a while longer.

However, here is a rough I used for one of the drawings.

But there is fresh news, I've been invited as a guest to the first dedicated Fighting Fantasy convention, "Fighting Fantasy Fest 2014", this September in London, featuring special guest appearances by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone, and the official book launch of 'You Are The Hero - A History of Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks', by Jonathan Green. 

Now I recognise this may not be news to a lot of you [grin], and I'm the Luddite when it comes to keeping up with technology, but it gives me a chance to post a couple of old FF pictures. 

Occasionally I'm commissioned to reproduce an old piece like Balthus Dire, and such was the case but as the recipient is yet to receive his gift I cannot show the variation until later in the year.  Thee request [laugh, I make it sound as if I get lots of them] is for Zagor himself, but like all things it is sometimes tiresome to recreate old work so I tend to add sight variations. Here are two such variation, the second of which is for  'You Are The Hero - A History of Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks'.

At present, I've been finishing recreating a 'new' work based on another FF book: Blacksand.

When I have permission I'll post the latest version of this picture. I the meantime ..another old piece.

To finish this FF link a couple of other related commissions. First, 'The approach to Firetop Mountain'. 

Second, is a variation on the theme of the 'Drunken Orc'.
Now to finish another link to the FF theme this time to the book 'Titan', about to be published soon
I believe, in France, which also includes a couple of new pieces from myself as well as 'old' stuff. 
Here are two new drawings, including one and its variation.
Ghosts in the Library.

Zombie Dwarf King

Also the variation offered [actually ... with just the black sky [cough].
Can you guess which I preferred?

Finally, two more pieces. A Beastie shown with and without a background.

Lastly and older beastie, my own little creation a 'Worguliod'. Actually 
it's not so little.

Till the next time and some very old stuff for Fanzines and related 
magazines, and fingers crossed not so long to wait ....but I've said 
that before.