Tuesday 20 March 2012

A little bit older....

Just a quick post, thanks to Will who kindly past on his scans, I am able to show off some pictures from 'Dicing With Dragons' [1982] by Ian Livingstone which came out about the same time as 'Warlock'.

 This is one of those pictures that I now think, hang my trying a different pen style, for it looks too much like one of my roughs .... time tells.

Of course the originals were drawn smaller than this, and enlargement does show some real horrors on occasion. lol.

The idea here [above], besides the obvious as the chapter heading says it all, was to show the costume one would wear, created from possible modern source material, if the 'player' could. 

 So that's it with 'The Golden Dragon', a short post but at least a post. Thanks again Will.