Monday 30 January 2012

Something old and something new...

A short post of something old and something new...
Have just finished a small commission and a couple of pages for Goodman Games.
Check it out for a classic Role Playing Game [OGL] to see a few pieces of work I was commissioned to do last year and where they now features in his latest game:
..and of course the game itself.

Here below are my scans of the work.


Since then I've been commissioned for another couple of pages, which Joseph has kindly said I can post now. So here is a preview of work for his latest game project.

So that is it for the present, I've done a couple of small spots ala Fiend Folio of days of yore but still awaiting feedback. I hope he's away as silence is distressing, and I'm back on a larger project that I set aside. If all goes well it will feature soon.  
Do keep those comments coming as they are much appreciated, but remember I'm a fragile flower [cough] and do cry. 

Monday 16 January 2012

All Quite Quiet on the Eastern Front .....

Well, the year of the Dragon is about to start and we can wonder what it will bring. At the moment things are quite, but I am finishing tasks which I'm late with [gurgk sorry :)] so my apologies to those with such patience.

Martin Gooch, director, producer, and all round nice guy, who let me do some bits on his latest film has had the first poster produced which features some of my drawing and the logo image, and I thought it right to post it here so those faithful of you [and my sincere thanks to you all] can see it first. Well more or less first as it's gone on Facebook.
 For those interested in the film itself .....

Last, but never least, a small pic I did for someone a few months ago ... never heard if it even arrived, but here is a small copy, which is a re-working of an even older piece.

Who knows what the year will bring ..... fingers crossed no more deterioration of my health :). Take care, till the next time.