Sunday 14 October 2018

For the Fabled Lands 7 and couple other bits

This is just a quick update of work produced privately for Fabled Lands 7 and a couple of other bits.

First some other bits...

Svirfneblin originally done for White Dwarf and the Fiend Folio now for a private client.
Next some wolves ...

Now a couple of bad tempered Zombies from a few years ago...

Now a real oldie from 1976 ...

And now onto Five pieces related to private backers for Fabled Lands 7
This Lone Wolf was a private commision along with the next The Thief

This is The Family ...
Next a complete redraw and nearly twice the size of the original of The Dragon Battle from Fabled Lands 6

 The last of thesw commissions shows the Great Turtle which has yet to appear...
Finally ...
The young Warlock approaches the Firetop Mountain.
 That's all for the moment. I does appear I cannot respond to any message you post now so sincere apologies, but I can still get a message as an email.


Saturday 1 September 2018

Maps, maps, maps...

My original blog seem to be accepted again ....which is nice, so to celebrate here are some maps [in no particular order].

First from the Fabled Lands series...

Now some older...

 This last, the map of Abraxis, was intended to be a continuation of The Fabled Lands by Dave Morris and Jamie Thomson, but except for some rough visuals never found a publisher at the time. The original was actually A2 in size, I think, and so this version was stitched together from scans kindly made by Dave, thus it appears a little 'wobbly', so my apologies.

Right, I do have some more maps but up to the creation of the map for Fabled Lands seven this will do, and I hope you like them. 

If you post a comment and I don't respond sorry but sometimes I a] cannot read them or b] cannot reply if I do. I'm not computer smart enough to resolve such an issue. 
Laugh, it took me several months to get this blog 'postable' again, which is the real reason for my silence [that and being poorly this last year]. 

Till the next time, take care.  

Saturday 26 May 2018

A Few more Bits and Pieces.

Having a bit of a disaster with my scanner so these will be
'old' bits and pieces and again in no particular order.
 Again for GOODMAN games.

That'll do for today .. more later.

Thursday 12 April 2018

This is a wee tryout to see if my old blog is again 'working' If so ...yippeeekiy o kemo thingy ding...

these are recent ...
clip from "Bessie and her Barrow" 1980's appearing in Tracy girls comic.
clip from Bunty comic 1980's "Ernies Girl"
Slightly different now ...[grin]
 Enough for now ..Question has it worked?