Monday 30 May 2011

The last Troll ....

This will be the last post of my lovely time as a guest at the "Troll and Legends" festival, just a couple of pieces of work I showed, along with a 'couple' of photos I took in Brussels.
I will start with Brussels .... and maybe end there ... we'll see.The following pictures are just 'snaps' no real manipulation except a little slight cropping or, like here, converted to B/W.
Castle found in Brussels where it was very hot!
Brussels has some interesting architecture. All the buildings, even ordinary houses, appear different in stark contrast to 20th century architectural England, though recent modern architecture does show more interesting variety. Of course Art Nouveau does 'rule' as with this example with what appears to be an ironic "title".

The markets too had some interesting artefacts on sale, as these examples show.

Brussels is also renowned for its 'comic trail', we didn't follow it as such but did come across these parts as we wondered wilting in the heat.

Tintin in the heat ...
La Porte de Hal                              

Lastly, in the photographs of Brussels ... the wabbit, the Purple Wabbit, in my first shot a young dwarf wandered in and sat down ... but he does help us 'see' the scale!
A young Elmer dreams of his first gun
'Who needs a Bugs, when you has a Purple wabbit!' says Elmer.
Purple Wabbits Rule!

Now for a few pics I took to Mons .. I didn't have time to join a couple together so I hope you'll forgive....
From DW 6

Magus Tor of Krath

The following Goblins, which some may recognise from the Calific website, are hatching plans, but that is in the future, as is this ...a draft version of a new cover for a future Calific publication [check their website for details later in the year].
''Wheze haz plans as soons as we can read der maps''.
Draft for title page for Calific future project
Think that's about it from the Troll's . I did ask last post if anyone wanted to see more of the picture 'dedications' I did ... and there was a resounding silence. Ah well, fair enough. I do try and listen so no more will be posted .... except one last Photograph.

Then a roar went up.... a roar for Troll Beer!!
Troll Beer Rules! 
[eff off wabbit]

next time no more rules [grin] just a couple of new pieces I hope. Till then.

Sunday 22 May 2011

It's the 22nd and the planet is still........

If you haven't heard [or read] the world ended yesterday worry with that sort of thing is ...maybe it did. But then I've experienced it before [but that's another story].

Still, I feel the need to do something .. not much, but something to mark such a non [sorry] momentous event ... at least a volcano did explode [just in the wrong country].  Personally, I'm more concerned by the continuous deforestation especially in Brazil. But back to my little bubble, so here are a few of the sketches I did  for fans who visited me at the Le Grimoire table, while in Mons at the Troll and Legend festival, along with a few photographs I took at the time. First the photographs.
didn't manage to capture what I wanted .. the glasses which were most interesting

Everybody wanted ears ...very fetching too, but on me I'd look like a Troll

Just about to leave and we had a lovely send off!

I was asked to draw the 'Wizard' and of course it had to be from memory.... Excuse the quality but they were all drawn without preliminary pencils, though I may have added a couple of little 'tweaks' since [grin].

This last, the Githyanki, was for a new friend we met there, and also drawn from memory, but is it ....? What if .... naw, it doesn't bear thinking about. What does bear thinking about is that I've more sketches that can be posted, but only if I have requests [but that can be reversed too ... lol].

Till the next time....

Wednesday 18 May 2011

Trolls bits ...a little more.

Busy on stuff but felt as I've a bit of Troll material still to post I should get on with it.

Some more stuff I took with me [and thanks to those whom I met there, especially those who've posted a comment].

The first are from Fighting Fantasy 51: Island of the Undead. Originally I'd been offered FF 50:Return to Firetop Mountain, which I had looked forward to, but it was given to another instead.

 The following are from one of the Advanced FF books [posted on someone else's blog but not credited [as far as I could see] to me. So excuse quality of picture size/quality.

 These last were part of a private commission.
Right, that will hopefully do for the moment, though there are still a few bits to come....
Oops, how could I forget .... the Githyanki.