Sunday 31 August 2014

A week to go to FFF day ... But trying to post in July [where does the time go?]

It's a week to go before the Fighting Fantasy Festival on the 7th September in London and I'm gearing up to have stiff wrist, or not, but with the published schedule it certainly sounds like it will be busy to fit everything in. As am I here [grin].

That entrance to the mountain keeps on changing [grin].

For more details of the event - check out
Or -

Now for something completely different ...

Last year for Kobold Publishing I did a job which, for a variety of reasons has lain dormant, that is in terms of publishing, but I've been kindly allowed to post the work now so you can see what I did.

That was it, and this was it, I think, until after the FF Festival.

But instead a nice short, but important addition about the BloodSword Series.

Some of the books are reprinting some more of my work of yore.

Next, depending on what 'news' comes out of the event next Sunday will be a generic post about some of the pieces done for The Fiend Folio.

Now that really is ''that's it till next time '', till then, keep well.