Thursday, 30 May 2013

And some more bits and pieces...

This is a somewhat random post, for since my return from my lovely visit to Belgium, being tired, I fell foul of some mutating bug that gave me flu and assorted similar ailments and has, even now, left my energy levels low, but to misquote John Paul Jones, ''We wont give up the ship...yet!'' Grin. Or should that be gibbous grin?

But, it has been a while, so here in no particular order are some more pictures to look at from the present and the past.

The following were done for a Le Grimoire book project. That is three were, as one was deemed unsuitable to meet the text, but I show it off anyway.

Some old hand fans might realise one of these is a sort of reworking of an older piece I did for another book.

Now a few older pieces. First a Zombie Knight.

'Updated' version of an older piece

A 'new' version of Zagor the Warlock, but the next will be even more different.

Above we have an old three page annual job done in the early 1980's for D.C. Thomson. I've added it here for those interested in technique really, as it is all done with an inked brush. I would like to add that I was not responsible for the colour choice or the job that was added to the original B/W art.

Lastly, some work for Luke Crane and Thor Ovalsrud's new Torchbearer project.

There will be a fourth full page piece, which is 'in the works' along with some newer work for the Summer.

So, till the next time ...