Monday 27 December 2010

Only connect.... links to other news and stuff

OK, This post is just a little delayed it should have happened a few weeks ago, but other stuff [as happens] got in the way.
Still better late than never. Lots of things out from listening to me prattle on at 'Monde de Jeu' in Paris earlier this year with Lone Wolf creator, Joe Dever, and a Le Grimoire, of whom I was a guest, who posted a YouTube clip which among other things, shows me signing books [I know you can't wait... but, on the other hand, if you want to see me draw...]. To stuff about The Fabled Lands 're-launch' in book form, and also, as a new iPad game from Megara Entertainment. Features Russ rabbiting ...

Interview with Joe Dever and Russ Nicholson [part 1/ 2/ 3] by the excellent Paul Gresty and Sophia Ehrsam at Monde du Jeu Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

No dialogue on the next, but you can watch me scribble ...

I'll add a disclaimer to some of my chatter ... I had nothing prepared [almost] and having cringingly watched some of this, after some passage of time, I realise my memory, et al, is based on what I thought at the time and nothing else.

Also available from Dragon Warriors ....
Which also features really nice new colour artwork from Jon Hodgson - see more at his blog:

There are of course other projects I've been busy with but till they are printed, etc. cannot say much at the moment.

To finish, this is an old experimental piece for one of the British Fantasy Society zines a good number of years ago.
I'll try and post a few more pics, etc. before the week is out, and the year ..sigh [doesn't time fly]. Now, if it would only warm up or I could buy a Lottery ticket that means we could have central heating installed... [all say ..aah]

Hope you all had a good time over Christmas .. my best wishes to you all and to your families.

Sunday 26 December 2010

The Christmas Seasons Greeting that I forgot!

So the day has come and the day has gone and what do you know.. I forgot to post my 'Ye old Seasons Christmas Greeting' but ...sorry you'll still have to suffer. Most people [of sense] would blame me ...I blame this bloody awful cold weather; freezing snow and burst tap ends.... luckily that was in the garden that made an interesting  sideways 'fountain', which nearly cost me injury as I slipped drying to reduce the gush .... ah. the fun.

This is a quick post of that picture card mentioned as a Greeting and thank you for all you who follow me and my work ... luckily I've been busy too [that takes time as well ... lol ..but in the nicest possible way].
I'll add a few more bits ..tomorrow. Shock ! Horror!