Sunday 7 April 2013

A complete book: 'Necklace of Skulls' ... all the pictures.

Back from Trolls and Legendes 2013, in Mons, Belgium, and an appearance at  in Lille, France. In hindsight the later proved a 'convention too far' and I'm a bit run down now recovering from a chest infection  But that's life. Can't laugh, I just start coughing.

 Here are a some of the pics showing me chatting and signing while there. The first two show me at the Le Grimoire table, and the others at the Scriptarium table the following day.

Finally, me talking about my work to two fans at another games convention in Lille.

Dave Morris, in his excellent Fabled Lands blog, mentioned a book, The Necklace of Skulls, that we worked on together many moons ago. Including, if I'm honest, a couple of  pictures that I was made to make changes too that I'd rather forget about. For the full story check out Dave's blog. So in its entirety are those pictures, in no particular order, that I did for Necklace of Skulls. Again, my thanks to Dave who sent them to me. 

So there you have it for this post ... hopefully I will feel better soon, and again ready to post once more.