Sunday 30 December 2012


As promised ... a final post before the years end. I hadn't planned to leave it so late, but I've been a bit busy [grin] though the Christmas period has slowed me down a little.

First, a couple of pieces from my work on the up and coming new album "FALSE WEAVERS" for the group Blackbird Raum and produced by Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club.

First the record cover... [FULL COVER & FRONT COVER]

Plus the map that will accompany it... Sorry this is a bit small, but I believe the original will appear A3.

Look out for it all in the early new year.

Also a piece for a new adventure to come from Goodman Games.

To divide the 'new' from the 'old' a bit of colour.

This is the Mudworm from Mudworm Swamp, book 3 in the series 'The adventures of Goldhawk' by Ian Livingstone. I had to create the beast so the cover artist had something to work from, whereas the original 'pig' was created by Ian McCaig I believe.

Now in the last post Springinsfeld mentioned his son was reading [playing] a couple of the Robin of Sherwood books and further to my reply and pure serendipity I found some of the original artwork and reproduce it here below.

For those who like the information, these were done with a dip rather than my more usual technical pen.

Atom made a comment on facebook about, 'Always lots of interesting things happening in Russ Nicholson street scenes. Middenheim in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay is no exception'. Well here it is and below it another street scene. Hope you like it Andy.

For those that want more apparently you can download the whole book for free.

I don't know who gave 'them' permission to use my artwork [I know it wasn't me ...laugh] and although Games Workshop have rights to the original book they do not to my artwork being reproduced by another company, or group, but that is the murky world of copyright I suppose. 

Now a couple of other pieces found on the internet. 

This [above] from 'The Fiend Folio' ... Meazel's.
Below from one of Dave Morris' excellent creations one of my drawings.

Below is a study for a lizard done in the mists of time. Media ... chinagraph pencil [or similar].

Here we have a spot piece for a Fanzine I think.

This picture was never used for 'The Trolltoth Wars'. My final decision was to split the scene into two using it to 'bookend' the text.

Finally a piece for the BFS [I think] for their Bulletins letters page. Remember those days when writing letters was the thing to do? Ah, happy days.

Thanks for being there ... see you in the New Year.

PS: as the record cover and map came out a tad small here they are again.

A Happy New year 2013 to all!

Monday 24 December 2012

Seasons greetings

I've been very busy these last few weeks on various projects, and feel remiss to not posting anything since my last, especially as I've a lot of old and some new work to post.

Like the old adage 'watch this space in 2013!' 

But I will put up more before the old year is out.

Still, for those who read my blog, here is a reworking of an old piece for the season.

 Have a good time, in what ever fashion you can, and look out for my record cover and new map design that I will be posting soon.

Thanks for 'following', Russ