Thursday 25 July 2019

Another of those showing some new and some old, but with a wee twist so to speak

The Undine

Here are a few bits and pieces, some you may know, some you may not know, and I hope you'll find a couple of surprises. The key point being, although in no particular order 90% are copies from the original sized artworks. Hope you enjoy.

For a Rosemary Pardoe Ghost Tale.

From FF 'Plague of the Undead'

Sketching ideas related to 'Heart of Harkun'

Pencil 'try out' for the key heroes of 'Heart of Harkun'

Watercolour and ink llustration from Adventures of Goldhawk series.

Doctor Who - unfinished study

Two of the decorative doodle sheets to be used in Film 'Death the Movie'. by Martin Gooch. 

The Chandler's from Bloodsword #2
Brush ink character study for Bunty Comic strip

Close to original drawn size.
Stitch Weaver
Ghost wandering in Garden

JORN the troll
 These last are pretty new and you are seeing them here first. Hope you like the stroll around my mind [grin] till next time! Oh, OK two more but oldies.

Dwarfs last Stand - larger than original art.
Right, that's it must eat [and drink in this heat].

Sunday 7 July 2019

This is only for followers ...with thanks!

Thank you for following and here are a few newer [ish] pieces which I do hope you enjoy.
They are in no particular order and if some appear to be 'older' it's because these were freshly scanned from the originals ... In fact do check in later as I will be updating as and when I have a bit more time.

Second version of the DEMIGORGON

RIPPER button badge design for the BFS

Full cover as drawn for Grognard files

Rough for The Turtle
 So there you go ... a special post for those who follow this blog. Thank you all!

Saturday 6 July 2019

Here are few newer pieces for you to peruse.

Here are few newer pieces for you to peruse. if you've not seen before. Hope you find something to like among them, most are taken from the originals.

But sneakily I'll begin with a couple of 'Oldies' and probably end with a couple more.

The Runemaster
Dwarves making merry!
This was an early piece and only exists as a photocopy.

Now for those recent pieces ...
King in Crystal
The undead...

The above two roughs were for a client who felt they did not meet his requirements. It happens. 

A character study for a Dino-Rhino ancester of Rhinoman.
The Dark Lord
For some reason, but unknown to Russ the inept blogger [cof], I cannot add more so many thanks to those who've been following and for those who have joined; you are appreciated ... and there are more to come. Till the next time.