Monday 27 February 2012

DEATH .... an up and coming premier!

Update to the film 'DEATH'.

Do check out the trailer [ see link below] and if you watch and blink you'll miss the two bits that feature my work! lol!
But it has a really nice soundtrack, from the little I've heard, from Simon Woodgate, and if you know ways of spreading the word then please do Martin a favour and do!
Now for something a little more esoteric [or something].
Along time ago, to eke out a living I did some work for Penthouse magazine, it didn't go very far as my saucy postcard approach was considered 'not raunchy enough' for its illustrious pages. I never knew what happened to the work, it was never 'sold' and never returned [ah the work I've 'lost' over the years.... sigh], but one piece did appear in an illustration website a few years ago. How it got there .... I have no idea, who 'owns' my work .... you guessed  .... I have no idea, but I had no objection [per say] to see it put on as an example of my work [lol]. Well recently another piece has been 'posted' and as I stated earlier .... for those die-hard completists of my work here they are ... 

    So there they are .... Now a shameful plug.
Also seen for sale on Ebay ..... for even more dedicated completists [cough] there is an old fanzine I did some spot artwork for ..... this dates before the 'Fighting Fantasy' titles - Copper Toadstool 5, Vol. 3, no. 5.

Lastly, just completed a couple of small pieces for Kobold Quarterly Magazine and will hopefully be able to publish soon. Till the next time.