Saturday, 22 May 2010

Something for the weekend, sir?

So What do do for the weekend? Let's start by saying I do enjoy your comments, I don't just mean because there is a lot of praise [gee, shucks, Gorsh] though it helps me want to post and post, but because much of what you say is interesting - if I don't reply to everything [or everyone] do forgive me. Eventually I intend to add more about myself, but in the meantime, if anyone has direct questions about this or that [that I feel I can answer] then please ask.

But to posting images because that's what this is all about. OK, let me dip into my old files.
These next two were produced for books written by the versatile Dave Morris a few years ago.

Next are three images from the Goldhawk series, an offshoot of the FF series aimed at  younger readers.

Last for this part of the weekend , another illustration for a ghost story. This proved a difficult story to illustrate but I think it worked.