Friday 29 October 2010

Emmanuel and his story strip.

Wow, I'm horrified to see how long it's been since my last post, so first, as promised all those weeks ago, I'll be posting the work of Emmanuel [no relation to any illustrator] whom I met at the Monde du Jeu. Not only a long time fan of my work, but as you'll see, one of my illustrations inspired him to create a 'comic' strip [or should I say - a 'storyboard'] of what happened before and after the picture I drew for that Fighting Fantasy Book.

I will follow this post very quickly [cough, cough] with two others.
One will feature some new work and to make up for the long hiatus in posting, the other will be a first for me, a Christmas Competition.

The competition will not be easy, but hopefully the prize will make it worthwhile! It will be open to all of my blog followers only [by the time of posting] and those who have ordered private commissions.  More details during next post. This [the next post] will probably be done during the first full week in November, which is, oh yes, next week and the competition will be posted soon thereafter.

But now back to Emmanuel's lovely work, which I think deserves a wider audience. Even if my original post date was missed [cough, cough!].

 and finally all the panels [as pages] created by Emmanuel.

To finish, a photograph taken at the Monde du Jeu [by Stefan] of myself [careworn and tired and thus all my wrinkles - that's the one seated on the left] and Emmanuel deep in conversation. My lovely partner, and rock, was beside me on that Friday, and in that photograph, but I had to 'crop' her from the picture because if I showed her face I'd have to die! Why do you women act so? Still, on reflection, and thinking of how [sad git] vain I can be... and looking at my mush ....I blame my father.

Till next time, and I promise it will be very soon.


  1. That's a stunning piece of work. You must be proud to have inspired it!

  2. I am! Emmanuel was very self effacing about the quality of the work and I think was surprised to think I wanted to post it. Let's hope he makes a comment and tells us all about its creation!

  3. Delicious! Love the POV and very moody. That's some great work. I would like to see what else he has done.

  4. Remarkable work, very impressive stuff, you can see where he got his inspiration from. Is that the same Emmanuel that painted the cover for the Citadel of Chaos? Welcome back Russ, the competition opportunity sounds great.Prepare to be innundated matey.

  5. He's no relation.
    Thank you for the welcome back [grin], and I'm glad to hear you're interested in me' competition, but be prepared to put your geographical hat on!

  6. What a wondeful work. I still remember the illustration depicting the snake coming out of the box. If I remember correctly that key was not even one of the correct ones (to open Zagor's chest).

    It was amazing to see part of "Warlock oFTM" being iluustrated in "first person". Almost had a dream-like quality.

  7. Hello, I'm Emmanuel (well, not the one of the chaos citadel cover..)
    First I would like to thank Russ for his kindness, seeing my drawings on your very blog is just amazing for me ! I’m really honoured. I thank also Timeshadows, Kelvingreen, Bliss_infinite, Atom and Autor for the positive comments, it is really encouraging !
    Please forgive me for my average english (I’m French), and for not having answered till now, I'm changing house, and I won't have internet in the new one before... Christmas ? (for the moment, I try to have electricity in every room...)
    A few words about this comic : needless to say that I’m a fan of Russ drawing style and this comic is above all a tribute to his work. I began two years ago starting from the ideas that if I draw directly from Russ drawings, I can learn a lot. Furthermore, I like to play FPS (first person shooting) computer games and I really appreciate ‘odd’ comic. So why not trying to make a first person view comic with drawings directly linked to Russ work ?
    Well, when I started I didn’t imagine that I would meet Russ himself one day and that occurred thanks to a friend, Stephan who showed me Russ blog and thanks to “Le Monde du Jeu”.
    I hope I will soon get free time to go on across the mountain maze and I’m really looking forward to draw some particular scene where Russ illustrations are part of my favourites, for example the zombies, the ghoul, the vampire crypt…

  8. Cool stuff Emmanuel.That lot must have taken you ages to draw.I was just thinking about all the other fab scenes within the Warlock of firetop mountain just crying out to be rendered in your rather excellent Nicholson Art style.The fight with the zombies, ghoul and Vampire definately came to mind. I really enjoyed looking through the step by step pieces as you adventure, room to room. And as Russ rightly said, you should be very proud of your artistic accomplishments. Can't wait for some more.

  9. To Atom : thank you very much ! ... but I'm afraid to disappoint you : if I keep the same rate, it will take me maybe 2 more years before drawing the ghoul impact. Well, I know someone who could do that much better and faster than me, but I'm not sure he will be easy to convince ;-)
    Otherwise, I just hope the repetition (door/monster/treasure) won't be boring to read.
    To Russ : I know we have to wait for next week to have more informations but I'm curious about your christmas tournament... It isn't a drawing challenge, is it ?

  10. Sadly, no it is not a drawing challenge, but a drawing will be the prize.

    The competition will be 'photographic' and will geographic in nature - all the clues I'll give for now, except to say, as you've met me, you know which country I come from!

  11. Great job! excellent images

    Greetings from Chile!

  12. I was looking for Warhammer Fantasy art and stumbled on this blog by chance. No offence but I had no idea who Russ Nicholson is (although I have read a few of FF books 15 years ago).

    Emmanuel, I love what you have done! Do you have a page or something where I can see more of your stuff?

    From Greece

  13. Emmanuel, you could just illustrate the other rooms / creatures which don't have any pictures at present; you won't need to do all the corridors... your work is fantastic. I too tried to emulate Russ's lovely style by copying Fiend Folio pictures, but I am just not good enough. It does capture a fantasy-world feeling in a way few other artists ever did.


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