Monday, 27 December 2010

Only connect.... links to other news and stuff

OK, This post is just a little delayed it should have happened a few weeks ago, but other stuff [as happens] got in the way.
Still better late than never. Lots of things out from listening to me prattle on at 'Monde de Jeu' in Paris earlier this year with Lone Wolf creator, Joe Dever, and a Le Grimoire, of whom I was a guest, who posted a YouTube clip which among other things, shows me signing books [I know you can't wait... but, on the other hand, if you want to see me draw...]. To stuff about The Fabled Lands 're-launch' in book form, and also, as a new iPad game from Megara Entertainment. Features Russ rabbiting ...

Interview with Joe Dever and Russ Nicholson [part 1/ 2/ 3] by the excellent Paul Gresty and Sophia Ehrsam at Monde du Jeu Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

No dialogue on the next, but you can watch me scribble ...

I'll add a disclaimer to some of my chatter ... I had nothing prepared [almost] and having cringingly watched some of this, after some passage of time, I realise my memory, et al, is based on what I thought at the time and nothing else.

Also available from Dragon Warriors ....
Which also features really nice new colour artwork from Jon Hodgson - see more at his blog:

There are of course other projects I've been busy with but till they are printed, etc. cannot say much at the moment.

To finish, this is an old experimental piece for one of the British Fantasy Society zines a good number of years ago.
I'll try and post a few more pics, etc. before the week is out, and the year ..sigh [doesn't time fly]. Now, if it would only warm up or I could buy a Lottery ticket that means we could have central heating installed... [all say ..aah]

Hope you all had a good time over Christmas .. my best wishes to you all and to your families.


  1. Oh! Stay warm as best possible, Russ.

    Thanks for the links. :D

  2. Yep, keep warm matey! Stay in bed all day.

  3. Happy new year Russ ! I wish you all the best and more particularly heat, health and many drawings !

  4. Happy New Year, Russ. Hope all is rosy in the post-New Year afterglow (myself, I'm a little poorly - I spent a few days in the UK and overindulged on Pot Noodles and Scotch eggs... I never get to eat that stuff in France).

    So, the vids from the Monde du Jeu... My thoughts are based on memory, here, as I find it somewhat excruciating to watch myself in vids like this. A lot of interesting information came out, I thought. Of course, we were massively pressed for time - we could easily have spent a good 30 minutes EACH on yourself and Joe Dever.

    I think the need for translation is a big obstacle in non-anglophone interviews like this. It cuts down effective speaking time, of course, but it also kills the natural rhythm of the conversation somewhat, and everything comes out a little stilted. We'll have to work on that, next time around. When you see this sort of thing on French TV - when you see Noel Gallagher failing to understand that people in France don't watch the same TV shows, and don't have the same cultural references, that he does - they tend to have an instantaneous translation voiceover looming over everything he says. Subtitles can work well if it's a YouTube vid, but it's difficult to implement 'live'. If you go to the opera these days - if you go to see something grand and Wagnerian and germanophone - they often have a 'subtitle machine' across the top of the stage, or in the back of each chair. I'll have to speak with the higher minds at Le Grimoire to see if we can up the budget to include something like that.

    Sophie was an excellent interpreter, as always. Frankly, I think she's much, much better than I am at this sort of thing - though perhaps she lacks some of my rabid enthusiasm for the subject matter. Again, I wonder if it might be an idea to let Sophie conduct the interview by herself next time round. If necessary, I could feed her questions via some funky little Mission: Impossible-style earpiece.

    Things for us folks at Le Grimoire to think about for next time, anyway.

    Oh, the Fabled Lands books I ordered over Christmas were waiting for me when I got back to Paris yesterday evening. Unsettlingly, somebody had actually entered my apartment to leave them for me. I didn't realise anybody else HAD a key to my home. I'll have to have words with the building's caretaker, to see if she can shed some light on that.

    And I'll have to change my locks.

  5. Thanks for the plug, Russ! I would have left a comment sooner, but thanks to "wonderful" TalkTalk I was without an internet connection for most of the last 4 weeks. TalkTalk kept telling me it was a fault on my phone line, which is odd as BT Broadband got me back online with no problem at all. Hi ho. Anyway, happy new year!

  6. Almost late to wish you a Happy New Year 2011, M. Nicholson ! And thanks for all the links in your post. I had heard the rumor, but you taught me that the new edition of the first four books of the Fabled Lands serie was available. I should add that it is also possible to buy them from, which is nice for french fans. And you can count on me to write some five stars supporting reviews of them on the french Amazon site.

    Oh my God, I just wrote this after M. Morris' own message - Happy New Year 2011 to you and thanks to the three of you ( including M. Thomson of course ) for this incredible serie that Fabled Lands is, without any doubt the epitome of the gamebook kind...

    And to comment Paul's message, your interview with Russ N., Joe D. and Sophie E. at the Monde du Jeu was not bad at all. It is so rare to see them in any media. My only regret : it was way too short, because you started later than expected, and also as there were so many subjects to discuss. And imagine if you had let people from the audience to ask some questions ! It could have lasted at least two full hours. So do not be too critical of your performance.