Monday, 21 February 2011

Shock! Horror! No. Just an other post.

Yes I know... an other post and not a year to wait ... lad can't be busy, cause that don't seem right [repeat aloud in cod north English voice ..... or not :)].

Found a pile of old bits ... related to the 'Heart of Ice', courtesy of Dave Morris sending me some copies of the original character drawing roughs, and 'Abraxas' and its world. see there to find a link to free interactive novel.

and from Abraxas ... a taster [rest to follow in next post]

And finally a Brain Eater,and a mention of the next post where I hope to chat a little about rejection [sigh] and my tiny involvement in a film [exciting! To me anyway.


  1. Thanks, Russ. I've just played Heart of Ice and I thought it was a great gamebook. I love your pictures of the competitors for the heart.

  2. I love that illustration of Gilgamesh the Automaton.