Monday, 30 January 2012

Something old and something new...

A short post of something old and something new...
Have just finished a small commission and a couple of pages for Goodman Games.
Check it out for a classic Role Playing Game [OGL] to see a few pieces of work I was commissioned to do last year and where they now features in his latest game:
..and of course the game itself.

Here below are my scans of the work.


Since then I've been commissioned for another couple of pages, which Joseph has kindly said I can post now. So here is a preview of work for his latest game project.

So that is it for the present, I've done a couple of small spots ala Fiend Folio of days of yore but still awaiting feedback. I hope he's away as silence is distressing, and I'm back on a larger project that I set aside. If all goes well it will feature soon.  
Do keep those comments coming as they are much appreciated, but remember I'm a fragile flower [cough] and do cry. 


  1. Fantastic work, Russ!

    Hard to believe it's been 30 years since I first looked inside the Fiend Folio and saw some of your illustrations.

    Thanks for continuing to inspire!

  2. Beautiful.

    The face on the Maiden of the Triple Goddess is really striking, among the other wonderful things ion this batch.

    As always, its your crisp lines that thrill me the most, technically speaking, but the character you bring to the figures is the best. :D

  3. Wow! I have to say one of the things that swung me onto buying DCC and getting a group together for the first time in a long while was the list of classic artists.

    And this is just icing on the cake :) Absolutely awesome!

  4. To BioPunk, Timeshadows and Philter - Thank you for your comments, and look no tears, just a grin.

  5. Top stuff as always Mr Nicholson!

  6. I'm so excited to learn that you have a blog! Your work has really grown on me in recent years, and it's gratifying to see that your skills have not dulled in the least since I last saw your material.

    I especially enjoy the Elf piece at the top and the Mastodon piece.

  7. Excellent work Russ, glad to see and hear you have been busy.
    Lots more finely detailed & executed pieces for my Computer Nicholson folder.Ta mate.

    1. Thanks Andy would be nice to see some bits I can add to blog .... if I ask nicely?

  8. Just noticed your post above Russ, nay problem laddie.
    I'll fling you some scanned stuff tomorrow! ;)
    Ta for the posts and new pieces, they are nestling in my Nicholson Art Folder on "E" Drive as I type! ;)