Monday, 30 January 2012

Something old and something new...

A short post of something old and something new...
Have just finished a small commission and a couple of pages for Goodman Games.
Check it out for a classic Role Playing Game [OGL] to see a few pieces of work I was commissioned to do last year and where they now features in his latest game:
..and of course the game itself.

Here below are my scans of the work.


Since then I've been commissioned for another couple of pages, which Joseph has kindly said I can post now. So here is a preview of work for his latest game project.

So that is it for the present, I've done a couple of small spots ala Fiend Folio of days of yore but still awaiting feedback. I hope he's away as silence is distressing, and I'm back on a larger project that I set aside. If all goes well it will feature soon.  
Do keep those comments coming as they are much appreciated, but remember I'm a fragile flower [cough] and do cry.