Monday, 27 February 2012

DEATH .... an up and coming premier!

Update to the film 'DEATH'.

Do check out the trailer [ see link below] and if you watch and blink you'll miss the two bits that feature my work! lol!
But it has a really nice soundtrack, from the little I've heard, from Simon Woodgate, and if you know ways of spreading the word then please do Martin a favour and do!
Now for something a little more esoteric [or something].
Along time ago, to eke out a living I did some work for Penthouse magazine, it didn't go very far as my saucy postcard approach was considered 'not raunchy enough' for its illustrious pages. I never knew what happened to the work, it was never 'sold' and never returned [ah the work I've 'lost' over the years.... sigh], but one piece did appear in an illustration website a few years ago. How it got there .... I have no idea, who 'owns' my work .... you guessed  .... I have no idea, but I had no objection [per say] to see it put on as an example of my work [lol]. Well recently another piece has been 'posted' and as I stated earlier .... for those die-hard completists of my work here they are ... 

    So there they are .... Now a shameful plug.
Also seen for sale on Ebay ..... for even more dedicated completists [cough] there is an old fanzine I did some spot artwork for ..... this dates before the 'Fighting Fantasy' titles - Copper Toadstool 5, Vol. 3, no. 5.

Lastly, just completed a couple of small pieces for Kobold Quarterly Magazine and will hopefully be able to publish soon. Till the next time.


  1. Holy crap man! I remember those!

    From, uh, my youth!

    You are my favorite living artist!

  2. Great work Russ, very nostalgic. Congrats on that movie Art contract too, looks pretty athmospheric and murder/mystery/triller, your contributions will definately add to the emersiveness!

    1. Thank you kindly Andy, and if you want to see more stuff on my blog your input is also needed .... grin!

  3. Thank you for sharing with us these lost and found beauties ! I'm looking forward to watch the movie "death" in a french cinema and get the poster !

    1. Nice to hear and good to hear from you, hope all's well!