Saturday, 7 April 2012

Dicing with Dragons

As the last scans of my work used in Dicing with Dragons have just been posted in an excellent Blog by Billiam Babble who has, among other things, written a very nice piece about me in his latest post. See the side bar, or use the link, for those who would like to read it. 

But for those others, here are the pictures. Yes I know I promised a 'Trolltooth War' post next, and I haven't forgotten. It will be coming soon.

Here I imagined one of my own drawings as a Citadel figure. I never saw this one made but Citadel did base a few of their figures on my drawings, and thanks to being sent examples I even have a few 'somewhere'.
I have so much 'stuff' that 'somewhere' is becoming the plaintive cry of the lesser spotted Russ. Squawk!
 Where do ideas come from is an often asked question, and with this chapter head I show a few iconic film images that I've always found inspirational, certainly as mood if not story. i love movies sad that so few of the old black and white classics are shown anymore on TV.

 The following pictures all appeared to illustrate the game that was part of the original book. The game itself was later printed as a solo book itself called 'Eye of the Dragon', but my work was 'dumped', and does not, as far as I can see, appear. Instead it features [I understand] the work of that excellent Fantasy artist Martin McKenna. But thanks to Will and his diligent work you have the chance to see the original drawings, which themselves might seem familiar because such pictorial themes used often appear in the FF series.

 One characteristic that I've been accused of, by a few in the past, is of being boring [fair enough] in my simplistic compositional viewpoint by the use of the 'square' room type picture that you, the viewer, look into. Such a picture formula was much used in the early books.

Can I say, for the record, that was not by choice, but because of my instructions, given from the authors, and I made every attempt to break out of that formulaic format at every opportunity. Occasionally I succeeded, and occasionally I did not.

My experience was to be given a series of illustrative descriptive tasks to work from and not the whole manuscript.There were a couple of exceptions, 'The Trolltoth Wars' being one, but they were rare.

                                 How do I start ... well, at the finish of course :)

So there you have it a peek into the past. Hope it brought back some happy memories.