Sunday, 20 May 2012

Some new bits and pieces.

First, for arcane reasons that only Google know about, I have tried to answer some more of the comments made about my last blog relating how Ian [Livingstone] and I met but without success ... so here is what I tried to 'say'...

"In regard to the film "Death" I contacted Martin the director, who at present is in Cannes at the festival, who told me it will be sub-titled if it sells well, so fingers crossed in that regard.
Apparently it will be appearing at several Film Festivals around the world .... so do look out for it.

As for 'your' comments in regard to Ian and I meeting, I can only say thank you for your kind words, which are sincerely appreciated!"

Now, as promised last post, here are are a few new pieces of work for you to look at.

First, some new work for for Goodman Games.... who has just published his Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game with some of my previous work.

For Kobold Quarterly [Issue 21] Magazine's Spring issue ... here are a couple of pieces.

Now here is some work for French Clients, including Le Grimoire ... The first were put into the Le Grimoire shop for sale including a new version of the Warlock of Firetop Mountain and Balthus Dire and some of which have now sold ...

The next two pictures relate The Lone Wolf series published through Le Grimoire

Occasionally clients get the unexpected .... I'll publish a couple more next post, then it's back to the past. I recently found print versions of work I did based on The Hobbit  many years ago and long before Warlock. I had thought al the copies I had left had all been destroyed when I had a roof collapse with accompanying rain flood, which damaged a lot of stuff, including artwork, in a back room. But low and behold ... two survive they too, if I can take a decent photograph, along with an unprinted White Dwarf piece {it is very big] will feature in a future post. 


  1. Woo hoo! Really looking forward to seeing scans of that old forgotten Nicholson art! Great news that you managed to find some long lost stuff.
    Nice pieces above, ta for posting Russ.Inspirational stuff!

  2. Great work on the Lone Wolf illustrations! I had no idea that you had done work on them?!
    The illustration with the bone/spine staircase is fantastically animated too =)

    1. Thank you Tim [and for advice :)]. I've only been doing Lone Wolf illustrations in the last few years and primarily for Le Grimoire and their Lone Wolf publications, and hope to be doing more in the future.

  3. Thank you both for your comments!