Monday, 10 June 2013

June ... six months in and time for something slightly different.

Right I've got a few bits and pieces to post, though nothing really new as all of that is being held because of a variety of reasons except one .. a new SF picture. But, be assured, I will post the others as soon as can.

Now I have a few bits, some pretty old to show and, in truth in disreputable condition, thanks to old leaking glue stains, etc. But with a wee bit of cleaning they should pass muster to be added here [I hope]. But I write this because I've decided to do something unusual this time around ... everything I post today can be for sale. Make a reasonable offer [or better ...grin] plus added postage, etc. and it can be yours from the spot to the larger pieces [although most are spots]. If any information is wanted email me and I'll try to provide more information.

Now onto the work ... and if nothing sells [laugh] so be it and I wont cry ... honest.

These first posted are related to Games Workshop's world of Marienburg.
                                                                  The Mint: Marienberg

character sheet

                                                                     more Character sketches

Above is an old brush and ink experimental piece from the 70's which I don't think has ever been seen, though the following 'cartoon' has.

Next stuff that appeared in a variety of magazines .. but note some of these scans are larger than the original.

Originally used to decorate a piece about the 'The Witch of Pendle' if memory serves [sadly it doesn't ...grin]

Featuring a realistic portrait of Jamie [chronicler of the Dark Lord] Thomson

 This was for a story published in the BFS's Fantasy Tales magazine.

 The following are decorative border strips used by the BFS back in the mid 1970's

These were decorative spots that appeared in the 1970's...

That will do for now I think, but the next post will be very soon and feature a 'Space' related theme.

Till then ... thanks for being there.