Monday, 1 July 2013

Failed in June

I had hoped to post again before June finished, and I would have if it had 31 days. Flaming June, indeed.

Well, last time I promised a post about some Warhammer stuff, that is work done after I was told I was persona non grata as far as working for the actual company Games Workshop was concerned. I've told that story in a previous post so will not recount it here.

The work I mention were done for books published here in the UK, and in France, and relate to that period called Warhammer Fantasy. I've found a few pieces, too much for one post I find, but here below are a few to start with, more to come later, with the larger ones appearing last.

A picture that appeared in a French publication to start then some character sketches, before reverting to scenes drawn for a variety of stories. Sadly, maybe for some, even annoyingly, I cannot for certain identify for which titles they were created, but I'm sure, if somebody knows they will kindly tell me.

As you'll note some are obviously directly related to visualising a particular 'story' setting and some are general scene stters to give an idea of how things looked and worked in certain towns and cities.

So there you have it for this 'part' post. I write 'part' post as there will, in the weeks ahead, be more to come related to this topic.