Wednesday 28 July 2010

Pencils, other old stuff and a couple of doodle experiments.

So other materials. The next set of pieces are from really early days, they were done for a variety of Fanzines and small print magazines.

The first two show pieces I did for a British small press magazine in pencil. They are not 'perfect' as they were drawn more or less complete without major changes. Any redrawing created some deterioration in the paper/card surface, which was something I wanted to avoid. These were done about 20 years ago, and of the two, I prefer the second. 20 years, sigh, I do feel decrepit.

The next two show pen work examples done for fanzines. The first dates from 1978 for a magazine called 'The Border Ruffian No 2'.

The second was done around the same time, and was one of a small 'series'  published in a German SF Fantasy zine.

To finish a couple of more typical pieces, including one of my favourite beasties.

 I had intended to add some 'experimental doodles' but that will now keep for another day... instead let's sail into the sunset for now.


  1. That picture of Icon the Ungodly is a favourite.

    The exquisite detailing in the cloak, the fine design of the Eastern armour, and the sneering look on his face made him quite the memorable villain.

    Thanks Russ, cheers

  2. These are fantastic! I love your pencil work, very classy. I'm always blown away by the amount of detail and subtly you put into your inks.

  3. Is it Icon? I thought it was Prince Susurrien, though I could be mistaken (BTW It's from Bloodsword 3: The Demon's Claw). The monster is brilliant - it's Grishtun the Guardian Beast that patrols the perimeter of the Palace of Dusk from Bloodsword 2: The Kingdom of Wyrd.

  4. Definitely it's Icon. I don't think there was a picture of Susurrien in the book, though I always pictured him as looking like Roger Delgado :)

  5. Lovely work as usual Russ,thanks for posting.

  6. I'd like to see more of your Sci-Fi work.

    It's interesting to see how your style has evolved throughout the years. From a more "academic" style to the one which we all know today.

  7. Love your those two pencil only work. Esp the first one where it seems the warriors are disguised as sheep. Just occurred to me while commenting, with regard to your pen and ink work, do you only roughly outline with pencil and then fill in details with ink or the pencils are quite detailed?


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