Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Pencils, other old stuff and a couple of doodle experiments.

So other materials. The next set of pieces are from really early days, they were done for a variety of Fanzines and small print magazines.

The first two show pieces I did for a British small press magazine in pencil. They are not 'perfect' as they were drawn more or less complete without major changes. Any redrawing created some deterioration in the paper/card surface, which was something I wanted to avoid. These were done about 20 years ago, and of the two, I prefer the second. 20 years, sigh, I do feel decrepit.

The next two show pen work examples done for fanzines. The first dates from 1978 for a magazine called 'The Border Ruffian No 2'.

The second was done around the same time, and was one of a small 'series'  published in a German SF Fantasy zine.

To finish a couple of more typical pieces, including one of my favourite beasties.

 I had intended to add some 'experimental doodles' but that will now keep for another day... instead let's sail into the sunset for now.