Friday, 13 August 2010

example of a "style".

I've been meaning to post some work, for some time, where I have tried hard to create, in my illustrations, an 'identity' that matches, or rather mirrors, the written content. 

One such example is my work for the sixth, and sadly last, of the printed versions of 'The Fabled Lands' series: 'The Lords of the Rising Sun: Imperial Akatsurai, land of samurai and ninja'. Where I think, though some may disagree, such an identity is apparent, showing, as Dave [Morris] wrote, 'One of the things I like is that you used a slightly different style in each book, so they really do have the feel of depicting different nations and cultures.
[Dave Morris comment - added to my last posting.] 

See what you think, here are some examples from that book.

and finally, a little pastoral scene.

I had also been working on a draft post, after having a nice related email, that was related to the original FF 'Citadel of Chaos', telling some 'history' of that period of work, and add some 'fresh' news, a related email, and a little more, when it VANISHED!

One moment typing the next - all gone! Tried 'undo' no joy, and after a lot of trying to 'find' the draft and checking, etc. have come to the conclusion, that apparently a lot of other bloggers have found in the past, that the material is 'lost' for ever. What a shame as this was the greatest blog I was ever about to post. It had everything: facts, pathos, bravery, humour, comedy, tragedy, brilliant insight, intellect and rabbits.
What can I tell you? For you'll, sadly now, never know.

I will try to 'rebuild' it at some point, but it will never be the same.

In the interim, although it's been posted before, as requested and an  old favourite of my own from Book 6 - Dragon attack.


  1. I've had that same problem a couple of times with vanishing posts. It's so demoralizing because you just don't feel like typing it all again. Now I prepare all my posts in Word and then cut-n-paste them when they're ready. It's safer!

    Btw Russ, the pics for FL Book Six are absolutely brilliant. I wish you'd include the long vertical one with tiny warriors fighting a dragon down a staircase in their castle!

  2. Thanks Dave, and good advice about preparing posts. I'll add the fight with dragon, also one of my own favourites [only reason I didn't was because I thought I'd put it into an earlier post]

  3. Hi Russ. I have always loved your work, some of it reminds me of Aubrey Beardsley's drawings. I like the FF illustrations the best. It's great that you're keeping a blog. Shame about the COC post as this is what I would have loved to hear about the most - hoping you will rewrite soon?

  4. Hi James, Thank you for your comments and the comparison [!].
    The COC post will 'appear' again {argh} in some form soon but, in relation to COC it was as much about why after doing the first two books I did not do another for so long.