Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Post Troll...

Right have to admit it's been a busy time at the moment ...busy that is in other aspects of my life and not illustrative work related, though I have a couple of commissions to 'start'. Sometimes of course you get enthusiastic queries and then .... nothing. No explanation ...just nothing, but that's the way things are I suppose. Also,I owe to other who kindly got in touch...  replies to their emails, but haven't had the time [as yet to do them justice] ...So my apologies to them. I do try, or is that ..I am trying :).

OK. A few pics most old, some new, to see the month in. This work are all based on scans put on the web by others so apologies for quality.
This first is a real oldie ... and it was a little 'rushed' if I remember.
This next [above] is slightly similar to stuff I used to do for Warhammer. I've found an old White Dwarf magazine where another piece exists and [hopefully] will post next time.
 This was obviously scanned directly from its source book and I was asked recently to use it as a similar theme to a new illustration for the lastest work [coming] from Le Gimoire and their work on the Joe Dever's Lone Wolf Series [Loup Solitaire]. See link in earlier post if you  want more info. Or, if your French is 100% better than mine then visit their website where you will also find some lovely links to Gary Chalk's work.
Hopefully I'll be able to show the new piece in the not to distant future, but no promises, some work I've done in recent months has still not seen the light of day for lots of reasons.

The next post will also feature a Sorcerer and a Sorceress and as a poor link .. there was this.
 The next is a Fiend Folio 'oldie'.

This next, links to 3 of the pictures posted a little while ago. Cannot find my scan .. but found this ... of my Dwarf.
This last is an old favourite that has appeared in many guises over the decades [sigh].

 Till the next....