Thursday, 23 June 2011


I recently did a small commission based on a Sorcerer and a Sorceress and coincidentally a piece for Blackgate, the online magazine, who have been running a series called ART EVOLUTION where RPG artists have been highlighted. Along with some background information and a critical overview of their oeuvre all have been asked to create their interpretation of a Sorceress [WIZARD] called LYSSA. It all started in 2010 and has continued this year, where my little efforts have been featured in the June 'issue'. I have to confess that even as I think it well written write-up by Scott Taylor, it frankly says such nice things about myself, and my work, that I have no hesitation in highlighting it here.

As I too was asked to create my version of LYSSA here it is.

 As mentioned, I also completed two others. A male and  a female Sorcerer.

For Laminations of the Flame Princess I also did a Sorcerer [wizard]. Here we see him trying to use more mundane methods of finding power.
Now for a few Dwarfy bits. White Dwarf Magazine that is. I was asked to illustrate an adventure called 'Night of Blood' [imagine thunder peels and Hammer films screechy music]. I wasn't given a lot of space, except for the colour demon, and was in a phase of trying to experiment with picture 'telling' and where I was allowed [that is nobody said anything] to indulge in a sort of homage to Albrecht Durer, which, if you read the Blackgate piece, you'll know was [is] a favourite of mine, as is a lot of Renaissance art. Anyway from WDM 87 here are those pictures.

And finally ... the Demon.

That's it for now ... and I haven't forgotten about Warhammer, just that I can only find one pic at the moment. But you never know.

Oh, age beckons; where's my depression when I need it?