Thursday, 23 June 2011


I recently did a small commission based on a Sorcerer and a Sorceress and coincidentally a piece for Blackgate, the online magazine, who have been running a series called ART EVOLUTION where RPG artists have been highlighted. Along with some background information and a critical overview of their oeuvre all have been asked to create their interpretation of a Sorceress [WIZARD] called LYSSA. It all started in 2010 and has continued this year, where my little efforts have been featured in the June 'issue'. I have to confess that even as I think it well written write-up by Scott Taylor, it frankly says such nice things about myself, and my work, that I have no hesitation in highlighting it here.

As I too was asked to create my version of LYSSA here it is.

 As mentioned, I also completed two others. A male and  a female Sorcerer.

For Laminations of the Flame Princess I also did a Sorcerer [wizard]. Here we see him trying to use more mundane methods of finding power.
Now for a few Dwarfy bits. White Dwarf Magazine that is. I was asked to illustrate an adventure called 'Night of Blood' [imagine thunder peels and Hammer films screechy music]. I wasn't given a lot of space, except for the colour demon, and was in a phase of trying to experiment with picture 'telling' and where I was allowed [that is nobody said anything] to indulge in a sort of homage to Albrecht Durer, which, if you read the Blackgate piece, you'll know was [is] a favourite of mine, as is a lot of Renaissance art. Anyway from WDM 87 here are those pictures.

And finally ... the Demon.

That's it for now ... and I haven't forgotten about Warhammer, just that I can only find one pic at the moment. But you never know.

Oh, age beckons; where's my depression when I need it?


  1. The thin lines and the sheer amount of detail you masterfully pack into the illustrations are so distinctive in your art.

    I'll say that the Fiend Folio book wouldn't possess half the charm it does if your artwork didn't grace its pages.
    --Even the goofiest creature was enhanced to believability through your skilled hand. :D

  2. +1 to what Timeshadow said.

    I can always stare at your work for hours just studying your line work. Always inspiring!

  3. Thank you both ... age wears on [it's coming again] but such warmth is inspiring.

  4. Russ, I've loved your work for the longest time. It is fantastic to see you still producing such high quality stuff. Thanks for sharing these!

  5. Hopefully miles and miles away (in answer to your question). Can't believe it's almost been six months since I promised to hire you for a commision. I shall have to remedy that.

  6. Your first illustration i ever saw was the foreboding entrance to Firetop Mountain. Since then I always look forward to seeing more of your drawings for the sheer detail and wonderful style they possess - keep on doing them Russ!

  7. I know I said so in other places, but these are wonderful.

  8. Great work Russ, I spent a few hours today looking through my very early editions of White Dwarf magazine, your artwork started around edition 12 or so, circa 1979.I will send you some decent scans if there are some pieces you do not have copies/scans of anymore.A big thank you yet again for this blog, I really dig it, you and your artwork.

  9. Very much appreciated and I will post soon, just other 'stuff' keeps getting in the way!

  10. No problem Russ, we are all happy when your blog is updated but no rush mate.Life keeps us busy in many many ways. ;)