Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Before I'm consigned to the void......

It's been a poor month in terms of getting connected to the internet and trying to blog. twice I was about to and my dsl link 'crashed'. So without further ado and with special thanks to ''Atom'' who helped me out, plus some news and maybe other bits ... here goes.

For a few years I was pleased to produce work for Games Workshop and contribute to their house organ White Dwarf. This sadly ended a few years ago but it was fun, on the whole, while it lasted. For those not so familiar with that work, and liked the previous post I made, here are are a few more examples [with a special thanks to Atom who kindly scanned and emailed them to me to post .... then my dsl went again [sigh].
This first {from WD 22}  is actually dated '77 and is a very early picture, also, from the patterns on the fabric dates from round the time I did a series of pictures related to ''The Hobbit'' which I did A3 size [landscape and portrait] and thanks to another friend sold as as posters. Interested? Sadly all mine were destroyed by flood, when part of my roof collapsed, after one of the great storms that ravaged southern England I lost of stuff that day.

This is from WD 12 and was probably drawn quite small. The one below is a female ogre from WD 16 and may fall into the Fiend Folio category.

The next two are from WD 17 and are also Fiend Folio in style.

The last of these found in WD 19 is from the 'signature' style used actually older, but after all these years it sometimes difficult to tell. LOL.
For White Dwarf I also worked on space marines as part of the Warhammer 40000 [etc.] mythos and these three all appeared in WD 105.

 Now this all tied in with a little piece [actually pieces] about the Regulan [or Vleshgu] that I did for IX [and the game Humanspce] and if you cannot wait till my next [very fast ...honest Injun] post then check out his blog. 

till a few days from now ..... dsl permitting I'm not sent to the void again where only silent screams are not heard.


  1. Ooh... I do remember these Space Marines from one of the handful of White Dwarf issues I saw at the time.

  2. The Fiend Folio style is a winner, but your variety displays the depth of your ability and creative vision.

  3. I love the monster holding the mask of a beautiful woman. Amazing!

  4. I have the White Dwarf mags with these Marines in them =)
    Definitely some of my favourite years of 40k

  5. This stuff is just awesome. I have most of these issues and I still like to look at them.

  6. I was amazed when I actually started to grasp the huge amount of art you submitted to White Dwarf Magazine over the ten or so years you were contracted to them. Literally scores of fabulous pieces, some really big and impressive, others small and impressive! I love that Wandering Monster piece you did for White Dwarf 56. Wonderful work, I love your take on the classic monsters, you have your own personal style for every creature. It always intregued me how you render your skulls with really long upper jaw areas....classic Nicholson creations! Where do you get all your ideas for composition from? Do you rough out your compositions first?

  7. I love all of the older work and I fondly remember those images from White Dwarf. It really made either playing AD&D or Rogue trader great, having your images at the table. Sitting in Idaho on a cold winter night and endlessly reading the Fiend Folio and that weird publication from across the pond, "White Dwarf".

  8. Hi Atom, your going to have to remind me of the work you refer too ... as you say, I did a lot of stuff. It only stopped because Games Workshop [White Dwarf] stopped using my art. I was disappointed but thus is life. Their choice not mine.

    Compositional ideas? My head, my dreams, my eclectic interests .... I think. Yes, I usually rough out compositional ideas .. but that does not mean there is a lot of detail initially. See my next post for an example.

    ancientvaults I'm glad my work brought some relief to those cold Idaho nights, and as for your winters ....