Sunday, 7 August 2011

How to rough it ... an example

Thanks to Atom, I'm going to post one of my rough sketches for an image I did for Le Grimoire's Lone Wolf .. though the rough went through various changes, including 'corrections' from the client it was actually completed using a graphic tablet.
development of rough sent to client before changes made primarily to street detail and size of central heroes
Below is a copy of the final piece the original and the final piece used.

Other little jobs included this 'Kurtok', for New Zealand, and a few more Spurgers for Space madness.

A harbour from ye old Fabled Lands ...and a Kabuki theatre.

Now some real old pieces, that last appeared in the American fanzine, Copper Toadstool 5, published in 1979.

For those that missed it [cough] you'll also see I can now be found on facebook but don't expect anything to exciting. Blogs are it see....

Finally, a couple of Spacey bits to add to my space posts ... and to whet any appetites for such ... added again, because he wanted to see roughs. Though no claims the final work will be much of an improvement. lol

Till der next time .... before I moves to Gobsville [oooh, dats a secrets]. Don't sent roun' der bozys, please.

Addition ... Sebastien Boudaud, editor extraordinaire [Le Grimoire] , friend and other titles to numerous to mention, has kindly posted on facebook an interview I had at last years Monde de Jeu . Having listened to it after a year ... I realise it leaves a lot to be desired [cough] and memory is not my strong point as me ol' mother would say. But for those interested who have not heard it ....hear it is:

ALSO ... Do check out where David Chandler has set up his own web page and which features the work I did for his Free City of Ness project.

lastly ... Amused to see that   has had no takers

10/9/11 ... Now it has ..... don't know what to think, to a private amusement. Though in one respect it's nice. 


  1. Your "rough" would be my "days and days of work" - or really, it wouldn't. I don't have the knack upon which to build the craft of an artist. I'm not complaining, you understand - just commenting on how wondrous drawing ability is to somebody who can't do it.

  2. thank you but you should see my lack of other skills ...the list is a long one. lol

  3. Good interview Russ, you got over the language barrier.That Lone Wolf street scene is amazing, jeez it must have taken you ages to render all that fabulous detail.How big was the original piece? So much detailing, I'm a real art detail freak, very impressive and humbling.I completed a clumsy study of one of your middle sized White Dwarf pieces a few weeks ago and I could hardly fathom how you manage to get your linework so detailed and fine yet crisp! Do you work initially on large sized A3 or possibly A2 paper?God bless your eyesight, skill and steady hand. Great work Russ.

  4. That city is a phenomenal piece of work. The line weights are particularly interesting. Also fascinating how the scale of the rough changed so drastically.

  5. It went through a series of changes in truth, that was one of the earlier ones used to get feedback. Yes, with the final work it did take a long time, and I was 'hit' with corruption problems. lol.

    Thanks -C. Some of the weight changes might be as much due to my 'drawing' passages of the piece rather than the whole thing, especially over the time it took.

    Eyesight? ee, lad as going as blind as bat, with varifocals et al. Size of original Yes it was double the print size if my memory serves me.

    Thanks for comment about the interview ... It takes a knack [and practice lol to do such]. Joe easily proved what a master he is. My getting over 'the language barrier' was all thanks to the lovely Sophie who helped so much, and eased my comprehension at every opportunity. A lovely lady and I remain eternally grateful.

  6. I find it extremely hard to draw crowds. Not that I can draw, I just find it hard! But you do well, as usual. :P

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  7. Your roughs are better than many artists' finished work, Russ. In fact, that first rough at the top would be perfectly respectable as it is for a comic book panel. I also really like the skull-domed butler!