Sunday, 7 August 2011

How to rough it ... an example

Thanks to Atom, I'm going to post one of my rough sketches for an image I did for Le Grimoire's Lone Wolf .. though the rough went through various changes, including 'corrections' from the client it was actually completed using a graphic tablet.
development of rough sent to client before changes made primarily to street detail and size of central heroes
Below is a copy of the final piece the original and the final piece used.

Other little jobs included this 'Kurtok', for New Zealand, and a few more Spurgers for Space madness.

A harbour from ye old Fabled Lands ...and a Kabuki theatre.

Now some real old pieces, that last appeared in the American fanzine, Copper Toadstool 5, published in 1979.

For those that missed it [cough] you'll also see I can now be found on facebook but don't expect anything to exciting. Blogs are it see....

Finally, a couple of Spacey bits to add to my space posts ... and to whet any appetites for such ... added again, because he wanted to see roughs. Though no claims the final work will be much of an improvement. lol

Till der next time .... before I moves to Gobsville [oooh, dats a secrets]. Don't sent roun' der bozys, please.

Addition ... Sebastien Boudaud, editor extraordinaire [Le Grimoire] , friend and other titles to numerous to mention, has kindly posted on facebook an interview I had at last years Monde de Jeu . Having listened to it after a year ... I realise it leaves a lot to be desired [cough] and memory is not my strong point as me ol' mother would say. But for those interested who have not heard it ....hear it is:

ALSO ... Do check out where David Chandler has set up his own web page and which features the work I did for his Free City of Ness project.

lastly ... Amused to see that   has had no takers

10/9/11 ... Now it has ..... don't know what to think, to a private amusement. Though in one respect it's nice.