Thursday, 29 September 2011

Before September end.

Just a quick post this time round before September ends of a few pieces that have recently been printed. First up some work Le Grimoire's latest excellent entry in the Lone Wolf series. Sadly my French is even worse than abysmal and my attempts to learn highlight my ...dare I say, 'forgetfulness'? But Sebastien [editor and publisher] is ever helpful, and so I muddle bye as they say .... thanks to his English :).

The book 'LOUP SOLITAIRE' : Livre D'adventure  [ and for more information] primarily features the work of Gary Chalk and If you're a fan do check it out as he has excelled himself. But there also a few pieces by yours truly and here are some of those.

So these are a few pieces from the French edition of NOUVEAUTE : LIVRE D'AVENTURE - Ouvrage inédit disponible (Août 2011).

Next time [and probably next week] some recent commissioned pieces.