Thursday, 6 October 2011

Bits and Pieces .... but not the Dave Clark Five

Right, as mentioned last post, here are a few bits of more recent stuff for a variety of clients, friends, and .... no, that never happened [at least not in this universe]. No boring chattering babbling .. just pics. Hope you'll enjoy.
The Maker
The happy Hour ...
Based on the 'the Druid' metal figure.
The Elfin Sorceress
The Lady and her Dragonet 
So there we are till next time when we're back in Space.....Sadly due to circumstances beyond my control I cannot attend Dragonmeet this year as I had hoped.


  1. The "Lady" picture really reminds me of some of Beardsley's best illustrations.

    I specially love the decorative patterns framing the drawing and the ones on her dress, and the way they mingle with each other.

    Thumbs-up, Russ. :)

  2. Thank you Autor, to be linked to Beardsley is a real honour, I'm not in his league, but the thought is truly appreciated.

  3. Diggin the Druid and mermaids pieces.It intrigues me the stylized way
    you render water using contrasting blacks and overlaid patterns of
    white.I noticed you use a variant of the same effect to render fog.It
    really makes the images pop and adds an extra dimension to the
    pieces.Very well executed too.Your inking styles teach me quite a bit
    Russ.My pieces above look flippin nice too, it makes me smile every
    time I glance up at them from my desk. Ta for posting.

  4. I think the Beardsley reference is entirely appropriate. I have no problem drawing the comparison. Great stuff.