Wednesday, 11 July 2012

After the day ..

Well the day has come and gone, and as Tennessee Ernie Ford used to sing, when I was but a lad, ''another day older and deeper in debt!''. But before any alarms go off, not to worry I'm fine, the bank manager is not after me and we will tick along for a few more years yet.
  As a kick off is an 'oldie' from my Game Workshop days ...

I had intended this to be a 'throwback' post to work of yore, but sadly, have not had the time, or the weather for that matter [they need to be photographed outside], to do the deed. But there is good news as since mentioning the idea I've found some old work [in a good fanzine] that I should be able to scan and intend to post later. Although I wish I could find the original work [drowned in the 'flood' that was I suspect... [when part of my back roof was damaged in a storm years ago and a lot of my stuff was ruined]. But then again .... you never know... for with the chaos that is my house (lol) so it might yet turn up.

So what to do.... simple some more new stuff including some map work. So off we go.

These first [below] were done for Dungeon World and do check out their different sites [although their is a 'link' neither are directly connected I believe] in France and the US for more details.

These next were  the start of an idea I had for 're-working' some pieces from the British Fiend Folio .... they would then appear for sale in the Le Grimoire shop .... it's still under construction as they laughingly say .....

This last is not from the Folio but will appear on the Le Grimoire site like these maps ... note the clever link [No? Oh well, please yourself].

All these feature as part of a new Lone Wolf feature do check out the Le Grimoire site for more details.

Now, 'talking' of Maps, I have mentioned elsewhere in facebook etc. that I've been working on a grand map for a special client, it is not finished as it all has to be scanned and joined together [it's very big],  but I can show one panel to whet peoples appetites .....for when he does the grand unveiling.

 So there you have it for a little while .... till the next time, do be careful out there.