Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Simply ...The map of Dwarf-land

I've mentioned this project before, and have now completed the second largest map I've ever undertaken.
the map of Dwarf-Land, for Scott Driver [see link to his own blog below]. Scott gave me an excellent template to work from and allowed me the opportunity to add little bits, which wouldn't detract from his own creation, and allowed me to also add some creatures of my own to wander his vision as I saw fit. So, it was a lot of fun and although a long job [there were sixteen original panels, which then had to be scanned and 'stitched' together on the computer before completion, and this included a few minor but, I thought pertinent changes]. As I mentioned, it was a fun job, and a pleasure to work on.

See more details about the map on Scott's 'hugeruinedpile' blog.

This is a 'short' post but thought I'd add another piece for Goodman Games and his 'Dungeon Crawl Classics'. 

 Below an 'oldie' .... I'll wait for one of you to tell me which title it was done for [laugh] as [now isn't that unusual :)] I cannot remember.
So not much to add, but there are a couple of things coming soon in the USA and I'll update to my blog when I can.

Till the next time .....


  1. second image art very wonderful. i downloaded in my pc.
    Regards : kollywood gallery

  2. Incredible art as always Russ.

  3. Great work Russ, the symbol is from the Fighting Fantasy Book, Island of the Undead (book 51) entry 97. The player has to decode the number concealed within, to enter the room beyond.

  4. Thanks! I knew you'd know it ;)!

  5. Middle piece is spectacular!

  6. Hi Russ, I just wanted you to know that since I was a little kid reading fighting fantasy, your art has always inspired my imagination. I'm thrilled to see that you are still at it today. Thanks for your artistic brilliance and inspiring people everywhere!