Tuesday, 28 August 2012

August again .... some newer work.

Right, this post will show some new stuff before I revert to the old [grin] again. My computer is showing its age and crashes without warning recently .... reboot, reboot my kingdom for a good reboot! So if I 'disappear' then you'll know the reason why .... the computer eat me.

First up, as someone mentioned wanting to see a little more detail of that book end paper for Goodman Games posted last time; here are the two original separate drawings for the left and the right side of the picture.

First, the left side
The Manticore rules!
Second, the right side

A couple of pics showing character sketches related to 'Dungeon World' ....


These two for a Mongoose Drake  project ...which appears to be in stasis {?}
First the sketch, as I know a lot of you like to see those, then a version of the final art.

Then another character sketch for the same project ....
Now onto some more colour work. These were done For the summer issue of the Kobold Magazine.
First a character study of a Dragonkin janissary.

Next a Dragonkin Summoner/Elementalist working in his cave high in the mountains.

Watercolour on board, with colour pencil highlights then 'lighting effects' added using Photoshop.  

I had one more to post, but I think I will keep that for next time .... computer permitting :).