Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Back in the mists

There was once, back in the 1970's, a very good British Fanzine called Anduril: Magazine of Fantasy, by John Martin, which twice asked me to contribute art for a variety of projects in issues 6 and 7. It wasn't very prolific really, there was a three year gap between the two, and sad to say I think it passed into Fantasy history after number 7, but it was a beautiful production printed on first class stock and in terms of my early work one of the best to display my work.

I sadly have no access [as far as memory serves] to the original artwork but I do have a copy of each. So let us start with sadly, the last ... No. 7, which within a nice David Lloyd cover front and back, shows several examples of my work. 

Inside the front cover is my drawing for the poem Denethor.

So, let's start there.

 Next up: I was given the opportunity to come up with my interpretation for some illustrations to represent L. Frank Baum's The Wizard of Oz. I'd seen the film but was not really familiar [at that time] with the books but relied on the article and other bits of info sent me by Ben Indick, the writer. I wanted to capture a 1930's Art Deco look especially with the motive of the 'Z' symbol and had a lot of fun creating the overall 'look'.

 The next was for an article on Tolkien again by Ben Indick.

Finally, the inside back cover - an oldie but I hope you'll agree a goody dating from 1975.

So that was the work for Anduril 7 originally published in 1979. Amusingly, on eBay, just this past week, it was on offer with a starting price of £22 pounds. But on sale, I see, in the States for over £200 and up. Did anybody bid on the eBay offer? Nope. Makes you laugh. 

Next post, after a few days, and some feedback that you'd like to see the work, will be the work for Anduril 6 most which dates back to 1975.

Thanks for being there.


  1. Oh I'm loving these flying monkeys! Much scarier than the ones in the film.

  2. Love, love, love those monkeys!

  3. Russ, i was always a fan of your work in Fiend Folio and i am glad to have found this blog and the work you have posted herein. please do keep up the good work and sharing these memories. Thanks -- MR, Athens, Georgia USA.

    1. Thank you kind sir, I will certainly do my best ;).

  4. The work you did for The Wizard of OZ is fantastic! A bit different but still very much you =)

    I have to agree with the others, the Flying Monkeys are the best!
    (But for some reason they remind me of that 'Ganjee's' flying head you did which scared the crap out of me as a boy...)


  5. The Dragon slaying image is magnificent.

    Beardsley and Harry Clarke would surely consider you one of their peers.

  6. Wonderful work yet again Russ, it still amazes me how prolific you have been as an artist, yet always retained the Nicholson quality & vibrance.You love your art and it shows in every piece you lovingly created. Top man, Top Artist. Great pieces, love the Oz illo's, its cool to see your own take on the famous movie. Lots of cool new stuff here, makes me think how many more obscure projects did you work on over the years?

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