Saturday, 1 September 2018

Maps, maps, maps...

My original blog seem to be accepted again ....which is nice, so to celebrate here are some maps [in no particular order].

First from the Fabled Lands series...

Now some older...

 This last, the map of Abraxis, was intended to be a continuation of The Fabled Lands by Dave Morris and Jamie Thomson, but except for some rough visuals never found a publisher at the time. The original was actually A2 in size, I think, and so this version was stitched together from scans kindly made by Dave, thus it appears a little 'wobbly', so my apologies.

Right, I do have some more maps but up to the creation of the map for Fabled Lands seven this will do, and I hope you like them. 

If you post a comment and I don't respond sorry but sometimes I a] cannot read them or b] cannot reply if I do. I'm not computer smart enough to resolve such an issue. 
Laugh, it took me several months to get this blog 'postable' again, which is the real reason for my silence [that and being poorly this last year]. 

Till the next time, take care.  


  1. Your work has brought me countless hours of joy. I want to thank you for all the escapism and adventures I had aided and inspired by your art, especially the maps. City of Ness being a particular favourite.thank you.

    1. Much appreciated but it seems it's difficult to post more here ... not tech savvy enough.


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