Sunday, 14 October 2018

For the Fabled Lands 7 and couple other bits

This is just a quick update of work produced privately for Fabled Lands 7 and a couple of other bits.

First some other bits...

Svirfneblin originally done for White Dwarf and the Fiend Folio now for a private client.
Next some wolves ...

Now a couple of bad tempered Zombies from a few years ago...

Now a real oldie from 1976 ...

And now onto Five pieces related to private backers for Fabled Lands 7
This Lone Wolf was a private commision along with the next The Thief

This is The Family ...
Next a complete redraw and nearly twice the size of the original of The Dragon Battle from Fabled Lands 6

 The last of thesw commissions shows the Great Turtle which has yet to appear...
Finally ...
The young Warlock approaches the Firetop Mountain.
 That's all for the moment. I does appear I cannot respond to any message you post now so sincere apologies, but I can still get a message as an email.



  1. This is just a quick update of work produced privately for Fabled Lands 7 and a couple of other bits.
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    Power to Choose

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