Sunday, 7 July 2019

This is only for followers ...with thanks!

Thank you for following and here are a few newer [ish] pieces which I do hope you enjoy.
They are in no particular order and if some appear to be 'older' it's because these were freshly scanned from the originals ... In fact do check in later as I will be updating as and when I have a bit more time.

Second version of the DEMIGORGON

RIPPER button badge design for the BFS

Full cover as drawn for Grognard files

Rough for The Turtle
 So there you go ... a special post for those who follow this blog. Thank you all!


  1. Thank you, Mr. Nicholson! I have always considered you one of the two or three indispensable rpg artists, and I continue to be astounded at your creativity. With gratitude.

    1. Speaking to the Unknown all I can say is that is a fine compliment you pay me. Much obliged.