Friday 5 July 2019

From the Gallery...Roughs for proposed games in the 90's

Few more from the Old Gallery: First fom Abraxas by Dave Morris and Jamie Thomson
text by Dave Morris

Next roughs for a proposed game about Vampires by Dave Morris from the 90's

Now for some old game book art ..

Some more from the Fabled Lands series

Some more from Dave Morris and Jamie Thomson's ABRAXAS.

Lastly a couple of other oldies...
This was a redrawn commission based on the Old Man in the Prison

That should do it for those oldies; next time some newer pieces as well.


  1. Fascinating stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I always loved those Fabled Lands maps. Many hours spent wandering around the golden fields of Golnir.

  3. Still in love with the cities and all the details which make them so "living". :)

    1. Simon that's very kind of you and glad to read such work has at least one major fan. Thank you!


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