Monday, 8 November 2010

New boys and old fellows.

Brain eater
Right, you make promises and things happen. This post will include some new work and some old. Let's start with new, most of which are private commissions and only shown here because of the kindness of the owners. 
An eight headed beast
The Yellow Ogre Sorcerer 
The Ogre's Lair

So that's some of the new work I've been keeping busy with

Now for a few oldies. First up a couple of  oldies from The Fiend Folio, and a few rough ideas for 'Mechaniods' a part of the Abraxes World.

Now some of the "Mechanoids" designed for the futurist world linked to Abraxes.


To finish this time,a few more real oldies from The Citadel of Chaos and the Fiend Folio.

This is part one, part two [within two days] will contain some more selected oldies and give the date of the competition post.


  1. Great work yet again Russ, I meant to post but was mad busy the past few days scrawlin myself.
    The Ogre's lair and Yellow Ogre piece look great.It's always nice to see some more new pieces.Ta for sharing.

  2. Thanks for commenting Atom, much appreciated.