Monday, 27 September 2010

Mainly photographs

A quick post of mainly photographs. Since my last post I have been fighting and losing a battle with the 'lurgy' [an insidious increasing poor throat, that develops into a cold, then a severe cold, then a 'chest' complete with cough], and can I through the bastard off? Ah you guessed, but I am on the mend, and it was only a debilitating cold and I am not as badly effected as my poor suffering partner who came down with bronchitis.

But to more cheerful matters. For those not bored at looking at someones holiday snaps, and having found my ancient camera [by digital standards] here are a few. For those who are bored by such - look away now before you're damned!

First the hotel views -  from each of its windows [the second was shot through a glass window]

Next from our visit to the Lourve
Walking towards the Pyramid
In the courtyard aliens walked
From the Louvre you can clearly see the Eiffel Tower
In the gardens nearby, as we sat exausted, a young lady fed the birds
As we left a Lion, on guard, distainfully looked on
Hard to see but the face in the tree trunk knows its roots
At the Monde du Jeu, as mentioned I and Joe Dever did a lot of signings. With most of my signings I did little 'doodle' freehand sketches. I recorded a few and have assembled them 'together' so you may see 'what I was up to', as they say.
Paul and Joe look on as Russ uses his ancient digital camera
Having signed I thought it sensible to record a few - most suffered camera shake, but a few turned out reasonably.
So here [below] are a few examples, neither the best nor the worst, of what was done over the three days I was there. A very tiring but also stimulating and enjoyable experience.

So there you have it - some holiday snaps and samples of my 'signing doodles', with thanks to all those who came up to say 'hallo'. I have one more post that I want to do about my time in Paris, related to someone I met at Monde du Jeu. I think his take on a piece of my artwork deserves a wider audience. This will be featured in my next post if the scans arrive on time. Sample below.
If you like this, then wait to see what 'follows'! Till next time.