Sunday, 14 November 2010

The Competition

Well,it's come around to that dread day when I said I would have a competition.

It's a thank you for all of you who have joined as followers [nobody else] and the prize is a wee original drawing of my choice [or not ].

OK. The first step is to explain the rules [as such] and how the competition will run.

As mentioned in a reply to a comment - I'm aware that some might have an unfair advantage because of the matter of time zones.

So the competition will run for a few days, if there is one fast outright winner then they will be declared the winner, but if several correct entries come in more or less at the 'same' time then all will be put 'into a hat' and a winner drawn. 

If no 'fast' winning entry is made then clues will be posted each day.

The judgement is final. 

As you'll see, there is a set of photographs, each which has a question or questions attached. All you have to do is answer the questions. All the answers are linked to stuff about me on the Internet or related sites. 

Some may seem obscure, but the information is there if you do the research on my homeland of Scotland. [Clue no. 1 ].

Clues will be posted each day if necessary. 

The first Question is a stinker! 
But the picture clues may be related [Clue no. 1 ].
PICTURE 1. This well can be found in the village I spent most of my younger life in.
Q.1  Name the village, which has architectural interest.

PICTURE 2. This is the oldest church in the village.

Q2.  Name the style of architecture. 
Q3. Name the church.

PICTURE 3/4. This is a famous Celtic Cross.
Q4. Name the cross.
Q5. Name where it originally stood.
Q6. Name where it is now.

PICTURE 5. These penguins can now be found where I went to art college.
Q7. What is the name of the city.
Q8. What is the name of the church behind.

PICTURE 6. These statues represent two famous British Comic Book characters. 
Q8. Name each character.

Q9. Name each comic they come from.

PICTURE 7. Cloud dragon over village [another clue].
Q 10. What is the mystery of the witch whose monument is found near the village.

Right 10 questions. Nothing more to add [though bribery? Naw, can't allow temptation ], Look forward to entries!!

Best of Luck to all. Russ.


  1. I have no ideas, but the pictures are really interesting and I'm very curious to learn the answers.
    (re-engage lurk mode)

  2. Well mes amis, I'm some what gob-smacked, this competition was posted at 9.30am, and subject to confirmation, was solved by 11.10am. So sorry to everybody else who wanted to enter. As I said, and repeat, Gob-smacked.

  3. Aww!I just sent you the answers too!

  4. Atom was the second to answer. Well done you have as Stan Lee used to 'say', " a no prize!" But also correct about the number of questions. There are two number 8's. I can't count.

    No wait your right! It was a trick mistake and only 10 questions were to be answered. Na, I'm caught out as being dysplostic , and I even spelt that wrong [sigh]. Ah well, at least I can draw my wife says.

  5. Hrm. I didn't notice that there were two of #8, but then in my answer, I turned the second #8 into a second #6 for no reason whatsoever.

  6. All hail the very fast winner ! And Russ too for organizing this competition. No regret for me as I'm ashame to admit that I didn't know any answer - I was just aware of the fact that M. Nicholson was from ( and still lived in )Scotland. But I'm curious too to know them. Very nice pictures by the way, which I suppose were taken by M. Nicholson. Scotland is certainly a very interesting place to visit, for both its history and its landscapes. Last summer blockbuster movie named Centurion was a very good advertising to bring tourists there.

  7. The winner of the competition is Kelvin, whose speed was amazing, answering all of the questions in under an hour and a half from posting.

    He has been magnanimous in offering to put his name in a hat, but having allowed for time differences from Europe and across the Atlantic, no one else has come close to his time. As he is so far ahead he has to be the winner, as he said, he didn't have to look up some of the answers.

    I would like to thank all those who participated, with a special 'No Prize' for Atom who came so close at just over four hours [and I don't know when he started - Kelvin too, for that matter].

    To Stephan, thank you for your kind words they are always appreciated.
    I did take those photographs [a few years ago - having gone back to visit the village whilst up in Scotland for a short listed job interview], but I do not live in Scotland, not since I left art college.

    Tom, I will post answers and more about the pictures on my next post - for those interested in my mundane early life .

  8. Well, if we already have a winner... I'll say I only recognise Desperate Dan, straight off.

    The rest of it would require a bit of research. In my defence, the number of times I've set foot in Scotland can be counted on one of my hands. Or on my knees, even.

  9. Good fun and congrats to Kelvin.I should have got up earlier.Cant wait til the next one Russ.