Tuesday, 9 November 2010

New boys and old fellows [Part 2].

Well,for the first time the last post had no comments at all; everybody must have been busy at bonfire parties.

But I said there would be a part two, and here it is. So let's start with a few pics done to describe characters soon to appear in a game, but I'll leave it to him to add more on his own blog which I also follow. 

So there you go. Now to add a few oldies but goodies in no particular order.

Why not another two.
And finally, the date of that competition, which will be Sunday 14th November.

Details of the competition will be announced then and as I'm aware people live in different time zones that will be taken into account.


  1. Great stuff, so much personality in your work.

  2. Fantabulous all around!

  3. Russ, these are great. Having crossed words (not swords) with those particular Kobolds I think you've rendered them with a nigh-clairvoyant accuracy.

  4. Beyootiful work yet again! What publications did those last eight pieces appear in? I always try and secure the books/mags that have your artwork in em.

  5. Russ, would you mind emailing me with details of your rates for commissions? I may not be able to indulge myself for a few weeks yet, but I have a hankering to own some of your artwork. Many thanks.


  6. Thank you all - I'll add more later as busy at mo' but have replied Brian.

  7. For part 2 and part 1 : So great ! So many new drawings to discover ! Note that finding here older ones is cool too (like Gark I really appreciate for his tortuous movement and for the wood surrounding)
    What I really like in your work is the density of details and despite this density, characters are clearly visible thanks to the use of light and shadows and the variety of texture...
    Thank you for all that Russ !

    About the competition : if it is based on the rapidity to answer, arg ! I'm doomed !

    Emmanuel (from a free wifi access bar)

  8. Emmanuel, all the answers can be found on the internet - even if it will seem they do not and because of different time zones there will be a 'window' for replies - but if too many get the answers I'll do a - 'pick up a name from a hat'.

    Atom, you do ask these questions!
    I remember, then I don't.

    The first is from the Fabled Lands, Book ...[eek], the second is from one of the late FF Books [as is 5 and six [thinks: multi-eeek].
    The third is Advanced FF [possibly Blacksand? - eeeeek], the fourth, sixth and seventh from the Blood Sword series and the last from one of the Trolltooth series[last one - Shadowmaster - I think]

    Now all it needs is someone to say no, that's all a puddle of liquid manure, and this is where you can actually find them.

    Now, where's me bucket of Sand?

  9. Russ, I'm *pretty* sure they're all from Blood Sword, Dragon Warriors or Fabled Lands. (There might be one from a Fighting Fantasy book.)

  10. Logging in under my follower name (Paul) seems difficult today, more because of my limited technical skills than any problems with the blog itself. So, if it doesn't work, I'll be quasi-anonymous.

    I'll put names and publications to as many of these piccies as I can, as I recognise quite a few of them. Not counting the piccies that will appear in Adventures Across Time and Space...

    1) From Fabled Lands, apparently, though I'll confess I haven't got my hands on those yet.
    2) The gargoyle head perched over the two bridges in Blood Sword 1: The Battlepits of Krarth.
    3) Rings a bell; I'd go with something from Fighting Fantasy. Sadly, I don't have my books on hand.
    4) That's from Dragon Warriors 6, from the section that describes a Warlock's spell list. That picture illustrates the 'Immolate' spell, if I recall.
    5) That's from Blood Sword 1: The Battlepits of Krarth again. Icon the Ungodly. The swine.
    6) Dragon Warriors 6 again. This illustrates the 'Hippogriff' spell, I believe.
    7) Blood Sword 3: The Demon's Claw. This is Psyche the Sorceress. Icon the Ungodly's sister, in fact.
    8) Pretty sure that's from Dragon Warriors 6 again. Forget exactly who or what it's illustrating, though.
    9) Something Fighting Fantasy-ish again. I'll go with Russ's assertion that it's from The Trolltooth Wars.

    Hope that's been some help.

  11. Big help Paul, thank you.

    PS: can you ask Pierre if he liked his drawing?