Sunday, 3 April 2011

On the third day...

 Last of the robots....

So, before we leave robots et al, let us look at a quick sketch I did for one of the ladies who form the 'real' Manga BoyZ.
Other bits now. First concerning those pesky Goblins. It has come to my attention that the competence of the Goblin medical fraternity is as adequate as our NHS these days. I've remarked before that they not only use what they can get but cannot always tell their left from their right, remarkably rather like me.  Take this 'new' example of a sleeping Goblin.

What!! The file has been removed's a sneaky government cover-up. But his 'friend' has not escaped.
While extensive, and exhaustive searches are made to find this dasterly crime of Goblin sneakery we will take a short break, but don't [or do despair] no rock will be lifted to find the culprit.