Sunday, 10 April 2011

Well, the Goblin decided to come back...

Alack, alas and gadzooks [he said in mock Arthurian] things are becoming bizarrely murky in Dinglyrussiedell it would seem. The missing Goblin came back and the naughty zombies, [err...can zombies be naughty?], ran away ...or I forgot to scan a copy, [Sounds more like it, dim-bat.],  he 'said' with gnashing and grinding of teeth and a tearing of remnants.

Ah well, such is life.

So, the Goblin came back, still asleep too it would appear.
Once again we have to question the standards of the Goblin NHS..... ["Disgraceful", said Ol'Thunderblogs in the Telegraph].
For you who care, this picture appears [more or less] slightly larger than S/S.

News. Well, Mons, Brussels and the Trolls and Legends Festival approaches. A small blurb has been added about my good self ... link below.

More bits and blobs will hopefully be posted on my return.

To finish this short post a few oldies but goodies [well, if you squint, while standing on one leg in the left corner [as you look over your shoulder] when the moon is in the seventh Quadrant of Kiquel].
 Dave {Morris} has been adding a few oldies ...on his own excellent blog. The first from The Hearts of Ice.
The second from a proposed strip, The Dying Trade, about vampirism, that went into limbo. It was done with brush rather than pen, and was supposed to be in colour.

In a similar vane a part from The Heart of Harkun, that was done with Jamie Thomson [only the dummy draft layout sketches really survive. The colour [here] was reproduced by poor photocopying before the advent of cheap computer generated colour printing.

Finally, a version of one of my maps ... this for, The Lands of Legend.
Next time, the movie adventures  .... or something :).


  1. Warwick Davis - 3'6" star of Willow / Return of the Jedi / Harry Potter / Extras etc etc - will also be at the Trolls + L├ęgendes festival. An extra reason, if extra reasons be needed, to make it along.

    I'm trying to see if there's any way I can make it over to Belgium for the occasion. If at all practically possible, I'll see you - and Willow - there.

    (The link you included for the festival isn't working for me, by the way. Is that a problem on my computer / phone, or with the link itself?)

  2. To -C ..many thanks!
    To Paul ... Look forward to meeting you if you can ...I will try the link myself and attempt to rectify apologies to you and anyone who tried the link.